Friday, December 28, 2012

Slow skiers enjoy outdoors more

   Bob Frye, owner of Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon is an outspoken advocate for cross country skiing.
   It seems natural because after all, that's Frye's business. But it's more than business with Frye. He speaks from the heart and is enthusiastic about the sport whether talking to newcomers or seasoned veterans.
   I had a conversation with him recently and happened to mention that I didn't know how to ski properly. That at best I didn't ski but shuffled and was very slow, bringing up the rear most of the time.
   "You shouldn't worry about being slow," Frye began. "You'll get more out of being outdoors, seeing the scenery and the experience than someone who is flying," he said.
   His point or points are well taken. Don't be concerned with being the best skier on the trails. And forget about speed. This isn't a race or a contest. Enjoy the moment.
   I have in the past couple of years. First, I learned how to dress properly, using layers instead of one heavy garment.
   Next, I took a lesson. That helped me use my poles more efficiently, learn to turn, slow down, stop, and negotiate hills usually without falling.
   Once you get some of the basics under your belt, you feel more comfortable on the trails, and that translates to more enjoyment.
   Learn more about cross country skiing locally at Huron-Clinton Metroparks (810) 227-2757, Independence Oaks (248) 625-0877, or Cross Country Ski Headquarters, (800) 832-2663.

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