Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ice Fishing Vacation Schools-soon open

   My ice fishing gear is kind of spread out in the garage. Some is on a shelf, some stacked in a corner, and the small stuff is waiting to be sorted out and put into containers-someplace!
   Though it sound disorganized-and it is-I still prefer things to be organized and in a proper place for everything. I feel that way but seldom get to see the end of the road as far as putting everything in it's place goes.
   It's the result of too much accumulated over the years. That and saving equipment for children in the family who will probably never use any of it.
   What reminded me to get the ice fishing stuff nailed down was remembering that veteran walleye professional Mark Martin and his Ice Fishing Vacation Schools will be starting up right after the New Year.
   The first one is on Lake Gogebic in the U.P., followed by Cadillac then Saginaw Bay. There's plenty of opportunity to fish and learn for those interested in improving their skills.
   Besides getting an education on some of the finer points of ice fishing, there is new equipment to both see and try, but best of all is the camaraderie experienced at these outings.
   For more information on the schools as well as how to register visit 

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