Sunday, July 4, 2010

Asian Carp: Another species in the parade of invasives

Recent news proclaimed the finding of an adult Asian Carp just six miles from Lake Michigan. That's getting awfully close.
Time is certainly wasting on this issue. The Obama administration needs to hit the switch that controls the locks in the Chicago Sanitary Canal and close the thing off until other means can be found to stop these fish that will destroy our Great Lakes fishery.
In the meantime, politicians are getting on the band wagon by sponsoring legislation to control the migration and infiltration of these fish.
Just like Washington, it's a little but too late. We need good positive action now, and not while we wait for a congressional hearing on the matter.
This thing has been studied up, down, sideways, and inside out. All it takes is for someone to step forward and put a halt to it.
After the news broke about the captured carp, people were expressing their opinion that they think the carp are already here in some numbers.
While I doubt that, personally, due to the lack of any real evidence, it's a sure bet that once they do arrive, we just might not know it.
They could be here several years, breeding, growing larger, and becoming more voracious. Then all of a sudden-when it's too late-boom, we realize they are definitely here.
That's would be the good part, knowing they have arrived. The bad part? By then it would be too late.

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