Monday, July 12, 2010

Tournament weigh-in's, a thing of the past?

The actual live weigh-ins we are accustomed to seeing at fishing tournaments could be a thing of the past if tournament directors follow the lead of AIM.
Anglers Insight Marketing took the place of the now defunct Professional Walleye Tournament Trail (PWT) last year.
One of the changes in AIM's format is what is rapidly becoming known as CRR for Catch, Record, Release.
At AIM tournaments, anglers are issued a standard numbered ruler and a scorecard. On the water, they don't have to worry about live wells being too warm or bringing dead fish to the weigh-in.
Instead, one they catch and boat a fish, they lay it on the rule, nose against the bump board. The rule is clearly marked so where the tail ends is the length. This number can be seen clearly from a camera shot.
The pro or co takes a digital picture getting the fish and rule in the shot. This picture is relayed to tournament officials for certification. The length is turned into weight from an official chart.
Anglers can fish all day, and continue to measure and record fish. At the end of the day they pick the five or whatever the limit is, they want for their weight that day. Both the co and pro sign the card.
There are no dead fish to deal with, no fish going for a long ride in a hot live well, and best of all, no points knocked off the anglers weight due to dead fish.
When fish are caught, they are released in a matter of seconds right back into the very water they came from.
Anglers seem to like it. Crowds do too because they can see the days catches as they are displayed on wide screens around and on the stage.
Good for AIM.

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  1. This is the modern way to hold a tournament that doesn't have any dead of stressed fish. But gives rise to a new excuse or MY CAMERA BATTERY WENT DEAD.