Monday, July 5, 2010

Take some time. Enjoy this heat.

No need to say it's hot. You know that as well as the people that forecast the weather. This is the time most of us look forward to in those months with the letter "r" in them. So quit your complaining.
But on the other hand, this isn't a good time to be doing any strenuous work outdoors. And if you do decide to finish a project, take your time, drink lots of water, and take frequent breaks.
Better still, find some shade, sit with a book, and relax. Most of us have probably worked hard enough already this summer.
If you are headed out on the water to do some fishing, cover up. Use sunscreen liberally, a hat that covers the ears, and think about wearing a long sleeve shirt. All of these will help protect you from unwanted sunburn, which can turn out to be serious later on in life.
Best bets for working outdoors or fishing without suffering from the refection off the water the sun gives you, is to begin activities very early in the morning with a deadline for completion around 10a.m.
Or head out during late afternoon or evening. Besides beating the heat of the day, the fishing is usually better either early or late. Good luck, stay cool, and work wisely.
In just a couple of months we'll wish we had more of this weather.

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