Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat. We wish we had it during those winter months

When it gets this hot even the fish take it easy. And if you think a dip in that local lake is going to cool off, think some more. Often, depending on the size of the lake, it's like bath water.
I was covering my first Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta several years back. The Delta is a huge body of water with small outlets everywhere you look. That's one place you definitely need a GPS. Leave home without it and you could wind up in the Gulf.
I was on the water fishing with one of the Classic qualifiers the day before the tournament began.
Even the slightest movements brought out the sweat. Because it was so hot, many of us wore long sleeve shirts and hats to cover the ears and neck.
Sunblock practically melted off as soon as it was applied. The temperature-98-was about the same as the humidity.
I would stick my hand in the water every so often, hoping to find it cool. It was as warm or warmer than the air.
The only relief came when the big Mercury 225 was fired up and we ran fast from one spot to the next. The brief relief a fast boat ride provided was most welcome. We both looked forward to the ride back to our hotel in air conditioned comfort.
BASS officials saw to it that every boat was loaded with bottles of water and sports drinks. An ice truck parked in the boat yard provided all the bags of ice you cared to load.
Keeping hydrated was repeated to all of us day in and out. It was a good message on the Delta and it's just as good here in Oakland County during this extreme heat.
Save those big projects for cooler weather. If you need to do some outside work get it done early in the morning or tackle it toward evening.
Stay frosty as they used to say.

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