Monday, July 19, 2010

Fishing, pasties, and large cinnamon rolls

Everything in the western U.P. is large. From the largeness of Lake Superior to the large cinnamon rolls bakeries and restaurant's feature.
In Laurium you can't beat Toni's Pasty Shop for great baked goods, pasties, and wonderful, home style food.
Once you appetite is satisfied, head out to any number of small streams for a day of brook trout fishing.
Don't let looks deceive you. Many of these look like a trickle, but spend a little time bushwhacking and you will most often come up with a nice moving creek, narrow and covered with brush. That's where the brookies are likely to be hiding.
You might take a day off from water activities and hit one of the many museums in the area, or tour a mine shaft. Tour directors provide coats as the temperature rapidly cools when you go underground.
With miles of sandy beaches to choose from, pick a spot, take a picnic and good book and spend the day listening to the wave action, while having the entire beach practically to yourself.
If you must, buy a jar of thimbleberry jam. A small jar averages about $8 and are available in grocery stores, mom and pop stores or roadside stands.
Traffic, or the lack of it is no problem. This is one place where you can truly slow down and smell the roses.

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