Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seasons come and go quickly too

Monday's posting had to do with how fast time flies. Today's mail brought catalogues full of hunting gear.
We are just getting into some good fishing when retailers are already bringing out the heavy clothing, shotguns and rifles, bows and stands, all the ingredients needed for hunting.
Just like Christmas being advertised months early, our sporting seasons seem to have followed this trend.
I guess it's a marketing thing. A need to get what is new out before the season arrives. Bottom line though, it's all about making the dollar.
Any day now I should receive promo releases on ice fishing equipment, what is new and what to buy for the coming season.
Do retailers think rods, guns, shanties, and other equipment wear out after a year's use? You would think so the way promotions go.
All in all though, it's fun to get these things and look them over. Some equipment are for dreamers like myself.
After all, you can shoot only one gun at a time. Happy browsing.

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