Friday, July 9, 2010

Cooler temps are easy for outdoors activities

We've all been waiting for a break in the heat and humidity and it looks like it's finally here. A good, steady, soft rain during the night for a couple of days would be just what the doctor ordered for those spindly plants in the garden and droopy plantings in hanging baskets.
No matter how hard we try to eliminate them, we can always grow weeds. Seems as though we just get everything cleaned out and weed-free when a little drizzle comes along making new weeds sprout all over again.
These warmer temperatures have reached as far as Copper Harbor in the U.P. Old friend Jim Juntilla who calls himself Michigan's northernmost outdoor writer says you can drop a kayak in one of the inland lakes and have water temperatures are 70-degrees.
But a couple blocks away, Lake Superior has hit about 60-degrees for it's summer time high. He mentioned temperatures so I would know what to bring for a fishing/kayak trip we've been planning.
Closer to home, thanks to all of you that took the time to write, or email about my fishing pal Bill Baker.
Bill passed on a couple of days ago. He was buried with full military honors in the Great Lakes Military Cemetery in Holly.

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