Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green Bay and it's fishery

I'm in Green Bay, Wisconsin covering an AIM Pro Walleye tournament. There are 66 boats with a waiting list of co-anglers. Heck, at $250 to fish two days and maybe a third with a different pro each day, it's cheap education.
The thing I've noticed around here-besides a great fishery-is the dedication and support for the football team, the Green Bay Packers.
I'm staying about a mile from Lombardi Ave. Then there is the Packer Hall of Fame and daily tours of the stadium, which I understand is outstanding, for $11.
Businesses are sporting the team colors. One truck went by with Packerland Electrical on the side.
If we had something like this in Detroit, I feel it would make a difference in how we are perceived and our local population would begin to build some pride back up for their hometown team.
We already have the fishery what with Lakes St. Clair and Erie. They are both winners. Now we need the winning team on the field.
At today's weigh-in the weights were huge. Sacks of 40 through 50-plus pounds were common. One more day of fishing for the entire field before the cut goes to the top 33. Stay tuned.

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