Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alaska Dreaming

This week's story deals mainly with driving to Alaska and a great source for trip planning called "The Milepost."
I remember hearing about Alaska in the mid 1950's when my dad was sent to Fairbanks and Ladd Field to work on fuel control for the F-100 Super Saber jet, our countries number one line of defense at the time.
Dad was a civilian employee with Stewart-Warner and would be in Alaska about a year. I came home from school one day to see the living room floor covered with a heavy Air Force blue parka and pants, heavy long underwear and boots.
There were other things; survival kits, gloves, heavy socks and large mittens that came well up on the forearm.
This was impressive stuff to a young kid, trying on a parka and boots that were miles too big.
When my dad returned his talk was mainly of how cold and expensive it was. Several dollars for a bottle of beer or equally costly as the charge for a dozen eggs.
Still, the Land of the Midnight Sun, as it is known seemed to call even back then with all it's hardships.

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