Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall is in the air

It's also on the ground. All those leaves blowing off trees have to go someplace and they usually find their way on lawns, in the woods or in lakes.
While we like neat looking lawns and do everything from raking to blowing leaves, then can serve a useful purpose.
We put ours in a compost pile. Just keep chucking leaves in along with grass clippings, potato skins, banana peels, or anything else that is of vegetable origin. Then we leave it alone.
I was surprised this past year when I stuck a pitchfork into the pile and came up with really good looking black dirt.
That was used when we dug holes to plant vegetables. The good, clean composting helped give them a start and in our clay soil help the tiny new roots begin to grow easier than fighting hard clay.
I don't know if it's still popular but folks used to collect colorful leaves and press them into scrapbooks. Some are used as fall decorations such as wreaths or even table settings.
Leaves are a good thing whether you compost them or not. Sooner or later they turn into organic soil that helps grow new varieties of plants, trees and flowers.

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