Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deer issues

Spending all day on the phone with the DNRE because an annual, fall experience. There seems to always be issues popping up when it comes to whitetail hunting.
The one I thought would create the most controversy was the new crossbow use. I won't get into an argument about what I think about it-maybe I will at a later date-but suffice it to say, I don't think it was needed.
Now comes the numbers of deer one hunter can take per season. It's controversial. Depending on the DMU (Deer Management Unit) they are all different.
Biologists, along with the NRC set deer quotas yearly based on studies they've conducted. I'm not of the ability to argue whether their studies are flawed or not.
I have a B.S. in Social Science and that's about as far as it goes. Sometimes these issues have to be explained to me many times before I get an inkling of what is meant or trying to be accomplished.
My suggestion is to do some homework. Either on the web, by reading whatever you find that is reliable about deer numbers, attend NRC meetings and make your feelings known, and stay in touch with DNRE officials.
Granted, this doesn't answer a lot of questions but may serve as a starting point for some of you.
I've yet to have a discourteous DNRE employee on the phone, be treated disrespectfully, or hung up on.
To the contrary, I've always had my messages returned. Give it a chance.


  1. My take on the DNR is they are cutting their own throat by not making it mandatory for hunters to wear their license in a back tag like in years past. Now days many don't purchase a small or big game license because there are less CO to ask for licenses. With back tags we know our buddies have a license and those other guys without are poaching. The money earned from license sales means more land available for leasing and other projects all to our benefit.

  2. How come nobody else makes comments?