Friday, September 10, 2010

Passwords and log in's

This is definitely a new age we are living in. Sandman commented that he too was having a hard time keeping track of all of these key words, numbers to get you into a certain service and those darn passwords and logins.
I suppose they all have their purpose. That being security and keeping the undesirables out of sensitive areas like NASA, the CIA and others to name a couple.
The trouble is they keep you and I out just fine. But along comes good old Joe Doakes and in no time he's set himself up at command central, ready to launch F-16's or whatever it is that they do.
See this is a lot like gun control. The thinking is if we ban all guns then there won't be any crime. Why? Because there aren't any guns.
Here's the real deal. The bad guys are always going to have access to guns; legal or otherwise. If they need to figure out a way into Fort Knox to get them, you can bet they'll have a blueprint and be inside quicker than someone with a key.
Same is true with all of these computer safeguards. While we all suffer with trying to come up with a name or some other bit of information that will allegedly thwart even the best hacker, guess what?
Your bank calls you to say someone in South Africa has just cleaned out your account. And you thought everything was hunky dory when you used your wife's maiden name.
Better stick to 1234356 or something similar for a couple of reasons. First, it's easy to remember and second, chance are the bad guy is going to look for something that has a little more pizazz or punch to it.
He's probably thinking that no one in their right mind would use a bunch of consecutive numbers as a security measure. Then again, he's the same one that figured out you used your wife's maiden name.
In the meantime, lets keep these new contraptions on the market. They create jobs, help out the economy and help teach our school-age youngsters skills they may be able to put to good use
in the future.

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