Sunday, September 19, 2010

So much to do this time of the year

I there ever was a season that had it all it's got to be fall. Minus of course, snow for tracking deer, downhill or cross country skiing, and searching for cottontail activity.
From visit to one of the local cider mills, to hayrides at Kensington or picking your own pumpkin for Halloween, the outdoor plate is full.
Just a casually woods walk helps rejuvenate the soul, clear those cob webs out, and when finished, leaved one refreshed.
Alan Heavener, over at Proud Lake has been renting canoes and kayaks since forever. Talk about a relaxing time, rent a canoe, take a lunch and have Heavener pick you up at one of the take outs.
No one is on the water. The birds are all excited and chattering, I supposed getting ready to vacate these northern climes for wintering grounds.
Or grab a rod and some tackle, take a chair and park yourself on a dock at Kensington for the afternoon.
Don't worry about catching anything. Just enjoy the experience, take in some of that free vitamin D we get from the sun, and spend some time day dreaming.

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