Thursday, September 9, 2010

Passwords-those things we can't live without

I've accumulated so many passwords and log in names I need a directory just to keep track. You would think that one or two would do the trick for drug stores, office supplies and other outlets that require them.
But each one has it's own idea of what constitutes a password, the length, and the kinds of characters that go into it.
Trying to write a blog from Pasadena, I was continually told my password or log in were not correct.
I checked the little book I keep track of such things and tried again. Same message. Then it dawned on me.
As a form of exercise, some companies arbitrarily decide it's time to throw a wrench into the system and make the person using it jump through some hoops.
See, I think there is a person in a room someplace that monitors these things. Every so often he figures things are going so well why not kick them up a little and require some changes.
Imagine a pilot flying to Germany who has put in all the required codes and passwords. Somewhere over the Atlantic he gets a message that says his log in is no longer good.
He quickly asks for a new log in only to be sent a questionnaire that covers his first pets name, his mom's maiden name, how old he was when he first learned to ride a bike and so forth.
I jest. But as sure as we have come to rely on these conveniencesof modern day technology, they sure can be ca challenge.
Happy Twittering, or Face Booking. But beware for that guy that is going to surprise you one of these days.

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  1. Fantastic blog article. It is hard to keep up with all the passwords on my lists.