Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missed seasons

These last several years I've missed more seasons than probably the number of them I've participated in my life. Just kidding on that last bit, but it does seem every time I get ready to hunt my wife reminds me of our grandson's basketball game.
Or the fall salmon fishing trip with kayaks I wanted to get into. Last you I got totally skunked. People were catching fish all around me, but here I was paddling the same speed, down the same depth and not a bump.
This year, pumped for he fall hunt seasons and then later firearms deer, I'm out of it once again.
Although this time it's a good thing. My daughter Jennifer is having her first baby in England where she and here husband live.
The nervous part of this is they don't use doctors over there. Instead mid-wives do all the delivering unless there is a problem.
While I feel concerned, I've talked with several British people who reside here and they say it's been that way for ages and not a big deal to them.
So I guess having a new grand baby is reason enough to put some sports on hold temporarily. But hang on when I get back. That is if there isn't too much left to do around home.

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