Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for less talk and more action

Get em' while their hot is the best thing to say this fall. We're talking fishing, especially salmon headed out of the Great Lakes and back into streams they originally came from.

The run is in and according to Kip Lowrie, Rochester's man with his finger on the fishing pulse, this could be a good year.

Before you wander off alone, take Lowries advice. First, right up front he's a guide. That's his business. He does other things-gives seminars, instruction on fly fishing, fly tying and so forth, but the guide thing is important.

You'll want to get off on the right foot if you've never experienced salmon fishing. Lowrie is huge on stream etiquette and it's going to be a major point should you hook a fish. That's because anglers are should to shoulder.

Everyone had a line out so when the call goes out fish on it's either wind yours in or take a chance in getting hung up with the person who is trying to land one.

Tempers flare, rights to spots get argued and true sportsmanship goes out the window.

Do yourself a favor, hire a reputable guide for half or all day. He'll supply all the equipment, put you on fish, teach you how to drift a bait and tie a knot and hopefully land one.

You can reach Kip Lowrie at 1-866-wet-a-net.

I can vouch for his integrity as I've known him since he was a youngster working behind the counter at the old Paint Creek Outfitters.

Enjoy a fall salmon trip with Lowrie or someone else you know.

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