Monday, September 6, 2010

Wonders never cease

A little instruction, some practice and guess what? No more crashes into the rose bushes. So far!
A couple days back I wrote about trying out my brother-in-laws bike for a short ride while visiting in Pasadena, California.
The homes around here are beautiful and the variety of flowers in bloom is spectacular.
Just like Holland is the place to go to see all varieties of tulips, Pasadena is the destination for roses. Better yet, just call Pasadena the Holland of Roses.
Sure there are other flowers. And birds. This morning's wonder were a couple of parrots that flew into the tree across the street to eat some sort of nut that was growing there.
But back to the bike. In no time I was off for a short ride around the considerable neighborhoods to look at houses and yes, those beautiful flowers.
Somehow I got sidetracked and wound up on Colorado Boulevard, the main street when it comes to the Rose parade. This is one of those streets that never shuts down.
I was supposed to be gone for a short ride which turned into a couple of hours. Actually the ride didn't take that long.
I made a few stops off Colorado at what they refer to as alleys; short streets with all sorts of shopping stands.
Each alley is named-antique alley, restaurant row (as if there was another needed) and so forth. There are ample benches set out for passerby's to sit and read or people watch.
I used a couple for rest before hopping on the bike and pedalling home. Because I like to think I'm a practioner of Yoga-I take two classes weekly-I think I've learned some about it.
One thing is how important balance is. I found that out riding a bike. It's something that is easy to lose, but with some practice it comes back. Happy riding and stay balanced!

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