Monday, October 11, 2010

Deer Quotas

There seems to have been some misunderstanding with last Sunday's story and the amount of deer a hunter can legally take.
The story was correct in that a licensed hunter may apply for up to five antlerless permits in certain DMU's (Deer management units) for private land use.
Deer to be taken on does and button bucks. Hunters are allowed two antlered deer per year. They may take one in archery and one during firearms or muzzloading season.
Or they can take two antlered deer in one season provided they have the combo license and that there are at least four tines on one of the racks.
The story was not meant to say the DNRE was allowing some sort of open season on all deer and hunters could take practically all they cared to.
There is a quota in effect brought about through studies of wildlife biologists and submitted to the NRC (Natural Resources Commission). It's the NRC that approves these yearly quotas.
Put another way, deer hunting regulations remain the same as in prior years. But is certain DMU's quotas have been established to take additional does and button bucks.

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