Friday, October 8, 2010

Season of choices

The choices of outdoor activities this time of the year are endless. This Sunday's story has to do with salmon fishing. And where there are salmon, there's a good chance steelhead won't be fare behind.
The choice of what to fish is up to you. But if it's in a river, get ready for some hard and fast runs should you hook into a steelhead or salmon.
Salmon can lie against the current like a log. You can put all the backbone of the rod you're using into them and still not budge them.
Steelies on the other hand are the most active and aggressive game fish-I think-in North America.
They'll take you downstream, around a couple of bends under some logs then break you off quicker than you can set the hook.
And don;t forget those fall runs of walleye. This time of year they are schooling, putting on the feed bag and getting ready to smack about any lure that is presented just right.
Check out Sunday's story about steelhead and salmon. If you're a first timer, give guide Kip Lowrie a call. All of the contact information is in the story. You'll be glad you did.

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