Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sandman and hunting

I get many comments from someone who calls themselves sandman. Hope someday to get an email so we can correspond.
Incidentally, his latest comment had to do with Rose Oaks and hiking in through the railroad tracks. He felt that was either the best or only way to get into hunting spots.
I can't argue as I haven't been there to hunt or even walk the property. Now for additional doe permits being issued for certain DMU's (Deer Management Units) mostly here in southeast Michigan.
A hunter can purchase up to five permits to take does or button bucks on private property. This is the DNRE's answer to herd control.
There are more sides to this than there are to the largest iceberg floating in the northern Atlantic.
Five deer is a lot of deer. I felt lucky to take one, and if I got another, two used to go pretty well in the freezer.
There must be an answer to these sorts of questions. True, the deer are being forced out of their habitat and into our yards. My wife and I sat and watched a young deer munch grass in our backyard last week.
They are like homeless people. They have no where to go, and their food sources are being eliminated.
So hang on for some hot and heavy comments-pro and con-to deer herd numbers, how they are arrived at, and the solutions that have been forth.
It's true when they say the more things change, the more they stay the same.


  1. You have my email address forwarded to you. The comment about some hiking in to Rose Oaks for the hunting season along the railroad tracks meant some "Sportsmen" have difficulty moving those tree stands and blinds and take the easy way in & out. Parking in the park lots is the best way to enter the park. I used to live on the property and could drive back in all the trails to hunt and fish. My son caught his largest Bass back at a lake in the now Rose Oaks Park.

  2. Sandman here......An emai was forwarded to you Roger because you wanted to correspond with me.