Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preparation for deer camp

Will a Monday opener mean a smaller number of hunters in the woods? That depends on who can get off work, or whether hunters will wait until the following weekend to head north and open a traditional deer camp.
These types of openers are difficult to predict as far as numbers of hunters and deer taken go. Those that stay home and hunt close here in southeast Michigan are probably going to be in the woods Monday. If not all day then for sure for an evening stand once the work day is over.
Will job losses change the outcome for the 2010 season? Because dollars are tighter maybe more hunters will stay close by to hunt or not hunt at all.
Perhaps the cost of a trip north will prove to be too costly during these times. Still, many who are out of work may figure they can supplement the family grocery bill with some venison in the freezer.
Wherever you decide to hunt, be safe. And don't forget to wear all the hunters orange you can.

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