Monday, October 25, 2010

Walks in England

I don't understand why the Brits don't have more gold medal winners in the Olympic marathon event. This is the place to train with all the hills everywhere.
I'm over here for a visit with our daughter who just delivered her first baby, a great little boy that is getting a lot of attention.
Every day I take their yellow lab, Bonnie for a walk. We generally go several miles. But like running, I start out a bit chilly, but in only a few minutes, I find I have worked up a sweat and am breathing hard.
One day, due to computer problems, I walked a couple of miles to the library to use their Internet only to learn they were closed on that day. The walk was all up hill with about 30 pounds of computer and related materials in my backpack. Then i had to turn around and hike back.
There are many walking clubs and groups around here that hike at least one day of the week together. Signs saying "footpath" are all over and well protected by the government. Some paths run through pasture land, along side gardens, and next to houses.
The English, it turns out, are big on walking and take care not to lose any of these public pathways.

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