Monday, October 18, 2010

Physical shape for hunting seasons

Whether you walk out in the woods and sit down all day in your stand, you need to be in good physical shape. In fact, it should be the best you can possibly be.
Several years ago, following a series a warnings that I didn't pay attention to, I would up having a stent placed in one of the arteries near my hear.
The artery was 90-percent blocked. I have no idea how many arteries a person has that have to do with the heart muscle, but apparently one not doing it's job puts a strain on the body.
I'm writing this from an English Pub near Huddersfield, England where our only daughter makes her home.
We are here at the request of our daughter and son-in-law to be available for help once their first baby arrives. That should be any day now, and judging from the way my daughter looks, it would seem to be really close. But what do I know?
Except their wireless Internet doesn't like my computer. Today, I hiked uphill about a mile and a half to a small library in hopes they had Internet access. Turns out they are closed on Monday's.
Back down the steep hill I went until i came to this pub. I asked the bartender if they had wireless and if so, could I use it.
She not only confirmed they had wireless, but was writing down the name of the provider and the pass word to get on with.
"How much is it," I asked. "Oh, it's nothing. Free. Maybe you could buy a cup of coffee," she said with a smile.
I'll gladly pay for coffee if it will save me a three-mile hike up a very steep hill, several times a week.
I'm in shape to hunt this year and probably won't get a chance to get out until the late season. Oh well, the body does feel stronger and I even think I'm losing a little weight.

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  1. Getting in shape is good anytime of the year, not just for hunting season. But isn't round a shape? I have trouble walking with stiff joints, ankles and hips, so I am looking forward to anti gravity units so I can float around and go where the wind blows me.