Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where are the deer?

Where are the deer at? That's every deer hunters question this time of year. If you had been in my backyard a couple evenings ago you would have seen one feeding behind my shed.
Another nice buck was observed almost behind the entrance building to the Pontiac State Recreation Area.
In other words, they could be just about anywhere this time of year. But be sure of one thing. They are going to be close to food sources, water, and good cover.
So that's where you come in with all the pre-hunt scouting you should have been doing. There is so much to do in preparation for deer hunting.
There are the stories of hunters who park their truck alongside the road, walk in a few yards, sit down for a half hour and drag a six-point out.
I've seen this happen but believe me, these are few and far between. Your best hunt will be the one you have put in time preparing for. Good Luck.

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