Friday, October 1, 2010

Deer season

Since the story about hunting on Rose Oaks County Park Property, Ive received one email from a reader complaining about hunters walking in along the railroad tracks carrying tree stands.
Truth be known, people were hunting this property well before it was allowed. That doesn't make any of this better or more fair.
For the life of me I can never understand when there are published rules and regulations, why a certain segment decides it's perfectly okay to disobey them.
It reminds me of a walleye fishing trip a few years back. Several of us fished from the same boat and limited out early.
We headed to shore to drop our fish in our respective coolers and call it a day. But the licensed captain said lets go get another limit.
Now that is from someone who should be respected, know the game laws, and practice them faithfully. You don't get a limit of anything, pack it away and start again as if you hadn't taken a thing.
That's why many residents around Rose Oaks are apprehensive about hunting in the area and what may happen.
Hunters on private property, errant shots, wounded deer; you name it. Like I've said before, sportsmen are there own worst enemies.

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  1. "Sportsman" is a strong word to use for people that break the law. My family used to own a good portion of this property and I used to hunt here. Sometimes walking in by the tracks is the best way to get to the area you want to hunt since you can't drive back there on all the two tracks anymore. This land is crawling with Mississauga Rattle snakes too and they are active at this time of year before denning up. I just wonder how many "Sportsman" have bought a hunting license since they don't have to display it on their back like we used to do.