Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall in the U.K.

Over here in Yorkshire-that's James Herriot land -the country vet made famous by a series of books and TV shows-leaves are changing colors and dropping off trees, its been windy, and mornings are frosty.
For some reason, British people keep their homes on the cool side. They really are into dialing down.
It's taken us a bit, but I think we are getting used to not hearing the furnace kick on. To ward off the chill, we dress a little warmer around the house.
The talk around here at present is the shooting of a large elk. Known as a red stag over here, the animal stood 9ft. tall and weighed several hundred pounds with a massive rack and was thought to be 12 years old.
He was called Emperor by those that followed his movements on a lady landowners estate. Apparaently, this lady heard gunshots and hasn't seen the animal since.
Animal rights groups and pro hunting people are arguing over the possible shooting of the animal.
People have come from around the world to book a hunt for Emperor. The thinking is if he was killed-there hasn't been any evidence of that as yet-the mount will probably be sold to be hung in a hotel lobby or someone's estate.
Whether he should have been shot or not is an on-going argument. Hunters are obviously blamed, poaching has been mentioned, and the notoriety caused by the press has also been blamed.
See, things really don't change that much from country to country.

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