Friday, October 22, 2010

Family addition!

Many of you who know me, know our daughter Jennifer was having her first baby this month. Well, the little one finally made it's appearance at 8a.m. here in the UK.
She delivered a healthy baby boy. Everyone; mom, baby and dad are doing fine. The four grandparents are fine as well. We'll all make a trip to the hospital later today after mom has had some rest.
The little guy, Ewan James, decided to keep with Brit tradition and arrive on a typical British day the weather is, well lousy. It's cold, blowing, gray, and of course raining! Nothing new on those fronts.
Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest, written, phoned or emailed. They have all been most welcome and very much appreciated.

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  1. I am very glad that you now have a grandson to teach how to fish, and hunt or if not just how to be a boy. My grandson was thrilled with his first Boy Scout knife.